Sacred Woman Retreats was founded in 2019 by Tia Tuenge and Staci Levine, purely from a desire to create beautiful and inspiring sacred space for women to come together, free of competition and judgement. It is our goal to be a nurturing place for women to be authentic, connect in sisterhood and be supported by community. We come together through our soulful international retreats and gatherings where your every need is tended to. Council, the backbone of our program, provides a platform for women to speak their truth, be truly heard and to learn the skill of listening from the heart. An awe-inspiring experience for most, we are forever brought closer together in sisterhood when we sit in circle. 


We believe that collectively we are all craving meaningful, in-person connections – the opportunity to step away from technology, daily routines, and to-do lists to have nourishing experiences that feed our souls. Our promise to our community is that you will leave any of our events feeling inspired, empowered and with meaningful, new friendships. It is our vision to create ongoing partnerships and collaborations with various experts and guides to enhance our program and further build community. And while Tia has stepped down from her day-to-day functions, you can expect to see her at our events from time to time. 



Staci is an avid yogi, vegan and health enthusiast whose passion in world travel, building community and spreading positivity led her to a conversation with Sacred Women Retreats original co-founder Tia Tuenge that ultimately led them on a mission to bring women together in sacred circle to empower, uplift and inspire one another. Staci, a public relations and marketing veteran with over 25 years of experience in building brands is owner of SLPR, a 25+year-old PR and marketing agency and has managed PR programs for many notable, global brands. Staci is also co-founder of the Creative Business WMN Collective, a group focused on supporting female entrepreneurs. 


She’s a high-frequency, type-A, uber-organized, Marie Kondo-loving, over-achiever who thrives on multi-tasking, networking, and achieving success. She’s a nature lover and seeker of adventure. Staci combines her love for yoga, travel, community, mindfulness and event management in the strategic development of Sacred Woman Retreats and is on a mission to create sacred space for women to come together free of competition and judgement. You might find Staci leading breathwork at gatherings or sharing affirmations through her uncanny clairvoyant abilities.

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