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We’re living in not only a crazy fast paced, never enough time world, it’s also become unbelievably toxic. No matter how careful we are there is simply no way to completely limit our exposure. With this in mind, incorporating detoxifying routines into our regular self-care is more important than ever.


Clay is one of the most detoxifying substances on earth and taking a clay bath is a beautiful way to slow down, pamper yourself and detoxify. 


How does clay detox?

Believe it or not, the clay particle actually pulls the toxins inside the clay molecule. That's why clay is so expansive. 


Toxin carry positive electrons. Clay particles carry negative electrons. Therefore, the toxins are attracted and “pulled” inside the clay molecule. When you take a clay bath you will see this “science” actually happen.


When you sit in a clay bath or rub clay on your body, sometimes there will be globs of clay stuck to random spots on your skin. These “glob spots” won’t come off as easily as other places. You might have to rub the clay off with the wash cloth or your finger nail.  That spot is where the toxins have surfaced and the clay is very attracted to that spot. If you have a lot of clay attracting spots you may want to do a series of clay baths over the next month.




Turning bath time into a beautiful self-care ceremony takes bath time to the next level and creating personal ceremonies is easy once you get in the habit. For the clay bath ceremony, a little preparation is required (but not too much:). 
















Place a towel on the floor to stand on and have a wash cloth handy for the rinsing stage. Get undressed and close the door, turn your phone to airplane mode if you’re using that for music, otherwise leave it out of the room, take a few cleansing breaths to still your mind and arrive. 


Light your candles as you set an intention, perhaps that you intend to release what no longer serves you, or you’re cleansing body, mind and spirit, any intention that feels right. Next light your smudge and say ‘As I intend so shall it be’ three times as you smudge your space and yourself.


While the tub continues to fill dry brush yourself from toe to head, here’s a good how to article. Once done (be sure you’re standing on the towel for this part), using a clean wooden spoon scoop your clay from the jar into a clean bowl, (You never want to double dip or use your hands in you jar if you’ll be storing the hydrated clay), now begin to massage your body with the clay starting at your feet and working your way up, ending with your face, keep your intention gently in your mind as you apply the clay. (You can put the remaining clay from the bowl in the tub and mix it around). Then get into the tub and relax for 20 minutes. 


Once you’re finished with your luxurious clay bath use the wash cloth to rub the clay off. You’ll do a final rinse under a cool shower to make sure you get all the clay off.


When you’re finished and towel dried massage your entire body with the oil of your choice. We love using sesame oil. Find out why and how to give yourself and abhyanga massage here.


Some of the potential benefits of a clay bath are:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Decrease pain, soreness and stiffness in joints

  • Improve circulation

  • Enrich cells with nutrients

  • Draw out poisons from cells

  • Regulate pH of cells

  • Provide minerals for the body

  • Disinfect the skin

  • Supports healthy digestion





*Some precautions for an at home clay bath. 


Don’t sit in the bath for over 20 min.Sitting in a detox clay bath for 20+ min can cause stressful detox symptoms. Generally a clay bath is a gentle detox. Too much of a good thing can be bad.


When you drain your bath, be sure to cover the drain with a hair catcher, we like thisor thisdepending on your drain. Clay can clog your drain if there are large clumps left, so putting mesh over the drain will prevent this from happening. 


Drink plenty of water before and after your clay bath, perhaps with a little lemon for the electrolytes to keep you hydrated.


Don’t slip in the tub or the shower. Clay is slippery to make sure to lay a bunch of towels down around the tub and you can even lay a small towel in the tub to keep your feet from slipping when you stand up.


Wear a mask when you pour the powdered clay. The clay powder is very fine and not good for your lungs. Strap on a mask to scoop and mix the clay. Take it off when there is no more clay powder left.


If you have long hair, you might want to tie it up (like a bun). Mine always falls down and I actually sometimes get it wet in the clay water deliberately. It dries out my hair a bit, but I actually feel like it detoxes my hair as well (kinda like that feeling after you go swimming in the lake- it just wont be silky, but you will feel even more “natural and clean”.) The dryness only lasts for a day and you can put some apple cider vinegar on it afterward if you need. I just use baking soda. You choose.

Don’t drink the clay water or reuse it. After you sit in there for 20 min the clay is now saturated with your the water is in fact “toxic”!


If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or any other condition that prevents you from taking a bath (too weak, old age…) please contact your dr. first. You can still benefit from clay but a foot soak (1/2 cup of clay in warm water) will be better for your condition.


If you’re pregnant be sure to consult your doctor first. 


Finally, if you want to go down the healing benefits of clay rabbit hole check out these books:

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What you’ll need:

Bentonite clay, we use this.

64 oz. Mason jar. You can buy a single jar at your local grocery store or a six pack here.

Glass measuring cup + wooden spoon + glass bowl (never use metal with bentonite clay)



Your favorite crystals (write an article about how and why to cleanse crystals)

Dry brushing brush (write article about dry brushing)


Wash cloth

Big bottle of water for drinking

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How to prepare your clay:

In a large jar mix 1 cup of bentonite clay and 2 to 4 cups of boiled filtered water (once it’s cooled enough that it doesn’t burn you). Use a wooden spoon to mix up the clay and water, once mixed as well as possible put the lid on. You can then shake it a bit to get it more thoroughly mixed. Be careful when removing the lid in case some pressure built up.

*Pouring dry clay directly into the tube and trying to mix it there = fail.


You can safely store hydrated or liquid clay for several months in the fridge. We like to make a big batch to have it on hand.

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Creating sacred space:

Now that your clay is mixed it’s time to create your sacred space. Bring all the items listed above and something to play relaxing music if you like that, don’t forget a big bottle of water for drinking. 


Fill your tub with as hot as you can stand, but still comfortable water (you don’t want your heart to race which is what happens when your body gets too hot). This will promote good blood circulation and allow your lymph to drain a bit.

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