Full Sturgeon Moon

August 3rd, 2020

6:00 PM PDT

Sacred Women Gathering

Join us via Zoom

Sacred Women Gatherings are a place to be a part of a tribe, a sacred sisterhood. To be empowered, inspired and supported. We will gather with open hearts and open minds, forge new friendships and strengthen old ones. We celebrate the feminine, explore our secret history, and step into the majesty and power that is our birth right as women, through sharing, inspiring activities, meditation, sound bath and more. You will feel empowered and uplifted, we promise! 

The Spirit of Sturgeon is one of ancient wisdom, memories and truth. The Sturgeon signifies inner tranquility, perception and intuition, and deepens your connection to dreams, emotions and psychic energies.


The Full Sturgeon Moon asks you to find stillness within in order to access your wise inner sage. Look below the surface for yourtruth. 

Full Sturgeon Moon

What we’ll be doing 

~ Exploring transformation

 ~Sacred circle, share, connect, listen, and be heard

~ Exploring our inner power

~  Breathwork

~ Guided meditation 

~ Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

~ Connecting with & having fun with other awesome women! 

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Link will be provided prior to gathering

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