Exploring the mystical

It is possible to lift the veil between the material world and the mystical world; shaman have been doing it since time immemorial. It’s behind this veil that we meet our Souls, that infinite part of us that is full of knowing and deep wisdom.

Even with all my training I find it difficult to access the mystery on my own, in fact, I’ve had exactly two mystical experiences in my life and both were with the assistance of a guide, the most recent a few days ago in our session with Jobi Manson of Sefari.

Staci and I are partnering with Jobi (a truly magical creature) to offer a Sacred Woman/Sefari spiritual adventure, and as is often the case, it’s difficult to find words to describe spiritual work…so we decided we needed a first-hand experience with Jobi to be better able to describe the offering. Plus, I love any opportunity for a deep inward dive.

Our session did not disappoint! We arrived at Soho House Malibu, aka Little Beach House, around 8:00 AM, not knowing exactly what to expect, I love that feeling of anticipation. Jobi greeted us and we chose a cozy spot upstairs on the deck overlooking the ocean. Three dolphins were lingering just off the shore, which we took as a good omen. Jobi unpacked her basket of ceremonial objects, setting up an altar, creating a sacred container to hold us throughout our session. Flowers, objects from the sea, palo santo, and animal spirit cards, and the Book of Symbols.

She shared the vision she had that morning in meditation about our time together, images of a garden and the tools used to cultivate new growth. We each drew a single card and then together drew a spread of cards and explored the symbolism they represented. It never ceases to amaze me that the cards, whether tarot, oracle or animal spirit, always have clear messages pertaining EXACTLY to what’s going on in my life at that moment! We explored the symbolism of the first card, saving the spread until after our time on the ocean.

Part of the session together is a guided visualization which is done lying down, face up on paddleboards in the water. There’s a definite magic to being out on the water, it’s the womb of all creation on Earth, and if you allow yourself to relax and be held, it’s possible to tap into that magic.

We paddled out together under steel gray skies, it was a little chilly but I set that aside wanting to really allow myself the full experience without being distracted by physical sensation. Once we were out past the waves, we laid down on the boards and Jobi guided us through a visualization, encouraging us to reach out to an animal guide. As I mentioned, this is usually challenging for me, but this time I was greeted by an animal guide. It was a clear vision with a lot of details and I felt a definite connection to my guide. Beautiful and awe inspiring. Staci shared that her animal guide was a dolphin, and they were plentiful that day!

Once our visualization came to an end we headed back to shore.

Settling back in upstairs with some hot tea to warm us up, we spent a little time journaling our experience (I’m so glad I wrote it down so I can continue to explore the meaning/gifts), and Jobi helped us decode and create a guide/map for moving our vision forward.

This experience was both tangible and intangible, as it seems to be with the mystical. As we awaken and collectively rise up, I believe that more and more of us are seeking to access the sacred, mystical realm, intuiting that this is an opening to our infinite, knowing selves, which can guide us to joyous fulfillment. It’s from this inner, knowing place that we find our true purpose and joy.

If the mystery calls to your heart, if you’re interested in exploring your Soul purpose, it is our great honor to collaborate with Jobi in bringing you a Sacred Woman Sefari experience, on Friday, May 3rd. Due to the intimate nature of this experience, space is limited to five women. You will come away deeply inspired with a clear vision of your purpose and with a visual map to guide you.

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