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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Monique Evans is the founder of Intuitive Freedom, a Los-Angeles based company offering intuitive insights and grounded actions for personal and professional transformations. Monique is also an intuitive business coach working with clients around the world facilitating personal and professional growth and is our latest guest of Lifting the Veil.

With a steep background in corporate America, Monique worked for a variety of lifestyle brands in various positions including, sales, business development, marketing and retail consulting. After twenty years in the fashion industry, Monique felt called to do more meaningful work and jumped on an opportunity to transition into travel, taking a position at STA Travel whose mission it was to expand the minds of young people through travel, changing who they might become by breaking down cultural barriers. This afforded her the opportunity to travel the world, which ultimately led her to found her own nonprofit, SYRV [makegoodhappen]. The mission of SYRV is to develop and sustain meaningful and responsible programs supporting human rights, education and social development initiatives. Its main focus is to provide clean water to those who lack access, educating coastal villages on environmental issues and supplying medical supplies, food and clothing to the children living at the dump.

During her corporate and travel years, Monique had been experiencing a spiritual shift; she had a consciousness awakening of sorts when she participated in an Avatar course which unraveled her belief systems, ultimately connecting her fully to Source energy. It began to have a powerful impact on her.

As the saying goes; when you’re ready to learn, the teacher will appear, and appear it did. While on this spiritual path, Monique met a Chinese energy doctor who taught her how to tap deeply into her intuition to energetically heal people, and she wanted to learn more. Years later, she moved to Bali temporarily for work, and while studying with a shaman, experienced a powerful multi-dimensional awakening. This experience was life altering and lead her down a whole new path, completely committing herself to working with individuals in the area of intuitive insights that are available to everyone.

After four years going between Bali & California, Monique decided to base herself back in the states and Intuitive Freedom was born. She now works full-time as an intuitive practitioner, combining her clairvoyant abilities with her vast background in business to empower her clients to step fully into their power. She works with individuals one-on-one by phone and in person.

Her personal sessions offer a variety of modalities, such as Intuitive Readings and Coaching, Quantum Integration, Yuen Method, and Holographic Kinetics. For those interested in working on their business, Monique offers Business Insight, Business Accelerator Program and Brand Activation sessions. Sacred Woman was lucky enough to experience a Business Insight session with Monique and found her ability to clearly identify next steps truly amazing.

Monique is a lifelong seeker, lover of life and is committed to being of service. If you’re interested in learning more about her you can visit or follow her on Instagram @intuitivefreedom. She's offering a special 25% discount for any of her services through October 31st for our Sacred Woman tribe.

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