Lifting the Veil, Part 1 – Getting to know Each Other

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Hello gorgeous, I’m thrilled and honored to officially introduce myself if we haven’t met! I’m Tia Tuenge, co-founder of Sacred Woman Retreats and founder of Art of Sacred Living.

Where to begin… First of all, anytime I go to someone’s website the first page I click on is the about page. I love it when I feel like I’m seeingthe person, who they are, not just what they do. I want to know their process not just the finished product. I hope to give you a peek into my process. Who I am and what makes me tick, so to speak.

I have lived many incarnations in this one life; feral child, troubled adolescent, seeker, explorer, artist, friend, lover, wife, divorcee, mother, wife, entrepreneur. I’ve had many, many different jobs and never strove for a ‘career’. I’m not one to work in structured environment for too long. Freedom is how I defined success for most of my life.

Today I can honestly say I’m living the life of my dreams and it was not an easy or straight road to where I am now.

I grew up on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, rural farmland, forests and beaches. I’m a child of the 70s, I grew up feral as did all the kids I knew. That means that there we’re usually no adults watching what I (we) were up to. This was both a gift and in many ways kind of tragic. The freedom was an awesome teacher in the true sense of the word, I learned how to be brave and self-sufficient. I moved out on my own for the first time when I was just 15, a year younger than my daughter is now. I barely graduated high school and opted for an education in life over university. And yet I have always been a seeker, intensely curious. I was pondering the meaning of the Universe and wondering about my place in it from a very early age.

I’m a student and teacher by nature, although I had a shockingly dismal school career! That may be because I can only devote myself to things and subjects that I’m passionate about. When I am passionate, I dive deep, fully immersing myself in a subject, this combined with what I consider my greatest super power; I’m not afraid of failure and I understand that the first time I do something I will likely suck at it, and I’m okay with that. This combination has allowed me to become very good at the things I love and my interests span a wide range of subjects and mediums, which I love to share with others.

Some of my passions and things I’m currently exploring include; history and religion, I’ve been studying both for over three decades (wow that’s hard to believe!), the secret history (herstory) of women. Art, I work in a wide array of mediums. I’m currently devoted to ceramics, I love making jewelry, altars and painting, +++. Creating and holding sacred space, ceremony & rituals, yoga, meditation, breathwork, crystals, sacred geometry, sound healing, energy healing, shamanism, higher consciousness, Human Design, (I’m a generator with a sacral authority and a 6/2 profile). Sacred eating (how diet either opens or closes us to our connection to Spirit/Source), tea ceremony, plant medicine, being in nature. I love being in nature, especially forests, I feel VERY connected to trees and there are a couple who I can communicate with – clairaudient. I am devoted to the mystery and love to immerse myself in it.

All of these passions have led me to what I’m most devoted to, and that is women. You. I love women, I’m inspired by the magic of women, by the sacred feminine. I believe that it is my souls purpose to be of service to the sacred feminine and that this is not the first lifetime this has been my calling, my purpose. This devotion is how Sacred Women Retreats was born and it’s through SWR that I welcome you to sacred sisterhood. It is my soul’s truth that you are my sacred sister. I want to know you, be of service to you, celebrate you and most of all have fun with you. I think joy and gratitude are to clearest path to a well lived life.

If you’ve made it here to the end, THANK YOU! I’m honored that you want to know me and I hope I get to know you. Please feel free to reach out to me via email, to follow me and SWR on social media where we can connect on a regular basis. I’m open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions, what could we offer that would light you up?

@artofsacredliving + my facebook, @sacredwomanretreats + SRW facebook

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