No more anti-aging!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Today I’m mailing off our beautiful self-care giveaway gift, a dry brush set, three stunning rose quartz gua sha tools and my special handcrafted skincare, Polish, Cleansing Oil, and Ageless. I use to call the Ageless an anti-aging serum but have decided to rename it aging gracefully serum. I don’t know how that will be received, and you may wonder why I made the change...? Simple really, I’m rejecting the idea that we must do everything we can to ‘preserve’ our youth. I’m sick of being programed by our youth obsessed culture to think that women have an expiration date. To be blunt, fuck that!

I recently read that Madonna was being punished by the music industry for turning 60 and that she’s mocked with granny emojis, ageist slurs and chauvinist memes. Meanwhile, the 75 year old Mick Jagger is celebrated for still rock’n it, (he does still rock it, and good for him). I recently watched a video of him practicing his dance moves after heart surgery for an upcoming tour. No ageist grampy emojis or slurs. He’s got a hot 31 year old ballerina girlfriend, together they have a two year old daughter. Imagine if a 75 year old Madonna had a 31 year old boyfriend (that’s a definite possibility, go Madonna) and they had a two year old child… The gossip would go through the roof!

My point here is that we women are rewriting our stories, we have both the opportunity and the power to change the conversation. We can choose to have our sister’s back, to stand up to bullies, to not buy into ageist propaganda. I’m suggesting that we cultivate a keen awareness around how the popular culture dictates the agenda, that we demand change, and that we take action. My small actions are to change the name of my serum and to love my 51 year old self with abandon (which admittedly is sometimes challenging). To celebrate the privilege of aging and to do it as gracefully as possible.

What are your thoughts on aging and popular culture? Do you struggle with growing older? I’m so interested in having conversations about this topic and would love to hear your thoughts.

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