The Art of Slow Living

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The art of slow living begins with identifying what brings us joy and cultivating the practice of mindfulness so that we can stay present in each moment. This is an easy thing to say and much more difficult to put into practice.

Remember those long lazy days as a child, when the hours seemed to linger on forever? Time felt so much slower than it does now. This was because as kids we were in the moment, not thinking about our to do lists, life was simpler and we followed our joy.

Time is a strange phenomenon, while on the one hand it’s an illusion, on the other it’s the mechanism by which we organize our lives and we need a certain amount to of it to get all the things that need doing done. Do you ever find yourself at Friday not remembering what you did all week? Do you ever have to look at the calendar to recall what you did? Yep, us too. Living life at a break neck speed does not leave any of us feeling nourished.

Time is a bully and it’s easy to let it have its way with us, living life at a break neck speed does not leave us feeling nourished. We’ve been feeling the desire to slow things down, to step into a state of more mindfulness to be truly present to truly enjoy life to its fullest, this is where cultivating the art of slow living can become our greatest ally.

So, what is the art of slow living and how do we cultivate it? The art of slow living begins with identifying what brings us joy, perhaps even making a list of those things that feel the most important, the things that when we come to the end of this life we will regret not having done. Also, the little things, spending time with family and friends, giving those we love our undivided attention to truly see and hear them, going to yoga (or whatever you like), taking a walk in nature, time to meditate or journal, spending time in the garden, time to learn something new and explore things we’re curious about. The key is to know what brings you joy, there’s no right or wrong.

Use the STOP technique throughout the day to help you maintain more mindfulness: stop, take notice, observe how you’re feeling, proceed. You could even set reminders on your phone every hour until you’re in the habit.

There are so many more things we can do to slow things down and we’re excited to share our practice of The Art of Slow Living at our May retreat, where we will create an entire weekend filled with both time to BE in sacred space and with activities that encourage mindful presence. If you’re feeling like life is passing you by perhaps you’d like to join us in the beautiful Southern California desert for a weekend of soul soothing sisterhood.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on slowing things down. Do you feel like life is zooming by? Do you have and suggestions for slowing things down? Please share in the comments. xoxo

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