The new Age of Enlightenment

I went to a talk called #BEYONDMETOO given by Julie Piatt aka SriMati recently. She talked about the awakening feminine, about women rejecting the ‘need to be rescued’, think Disney, paradigm, about balancing feminine and masculine energy, we all have both and we love our men, (they need healing from the toxic patriarchy just as much as women), and about recognizing that we all choseto come into our current human forms, we are multi-dimensional, spiritual beings, and this recognition is how we can heal and expand.

Her ideas resonate and if you look you will notice there’s a movement afoot, women everywhere are waking up from a long slumber, we’re remembering our power. We are coming together in sisterhood to lift one another up.

We are truly living in a new age of enlightenment; women are experiencing an awakening and re-evaluating the roles we’re willing to play within society, our communities and even our families. We’re rejecting patriarchal stereotypes we’ve be labeled with; catty, competitive, gossips, hysterical, too much, we’re reclaiming our sovereignty.

This equals opening our hearts to each other, seeing the beauty and potential in each other, believing that there is more than enough for all, and that the only way we truly rise is to rise together. We are raising our daughters to challenge the status quo, to ask questions and to speak up to injustice. I hope we’re raising our sons to feel their feelings, to embrace vulnerability, to see strength in softness, to believe they are enough and that being aggressive doesn’t make them more of a ‘man’.

Staci and I are proud to be at the forefront of this movement and we are excited and honored to be a part of Angeleno Magazine’s Age of Enlightenment Fab 5. It is our mission to empower women, to create inclusive community, inspire women to nurture body, mind and spirit, to listen to one another, encourage authentic expression, and of course to have FUN.

If you’re looking for meaningful connection, to be welcomed for exactly who you are with love and non-judgement, to be inspired and excited then we hope you’ll join us on this Sacred Woman journey.

To get you inspired we’d like to share our Fab 5 favorite female expanders:

Julie Piatt, a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer. Powerful magic.

Jordan Younger aka The Balanced Blonde – I’m currently binge listening to her podcast.

Jenna Zoe, a truly gifted Human Design reader. So inspiring!

Lacy Philips, a Manifestation Advisor specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is calling in. – I’m currently doing her Reparent online course.

Liz Arch, yogi, author of The Courage to Rise, and founder of Primal Yoga.

Happy exploring and thanks for being a part of the Sacred Woman tribe.

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