Staying truly connected to your colleagues when so many of us are working from home can be a challenge. Research shows that communicating in the form of council can be a powerful tool in bringing people together and strengthening relationships and productivity. Sacred Woman hosts Zoom council circles for organizations wanting to build morale and strengthen connections in a time of quarantine. Interested? Reach out with questions – we’re happy to customize a program that works for you or your company.

Council circles are also a powerful way to deepen friendships and to connect and share on a deep and sacred level. We believe that women are craving meaningful, in-person connection and that it’s deeply nurturing and healing to be welcomed without judgement and witnessed as your most authentic self, to speak your truth and to be heard. Whether a work celebration, a baby shower, wedding, birthday celebration, your daughters first moon cycle or full moon ceremony, we customize your gathering experience which can include sacred circle, sound bath, cacao ceremony and guided meditation, and we bring it all to you.


 It is our great honor to custom design a beautiful and meaningful gathering just for you.




STANDARD GATHERINGS are 2 hours and can include:

~ sacred circle; share, connect, listen, and be heard

~ heart opening cacao or tea ceremony

~ journey meditation & sound bath 

~ guided journaling

~ releasing ceremony

~ intention setting

~ exploring oracle cards


~ delicious, organic food + drinks

~ yoga

~ new year intention setting

~ vision mapping

~ vision cards

~ intention candles

~ explore the secret history of women + goddess sculpting

~ breath work

~ sound bath

~ aura photos

~ flower crowns - a beautiful way to celebrate Spring!

~ energy painting

~ tarot readings

~ mala making

~ spell work + exploring magic

~ make your own oracle cards

~ paint + decorate talking sticks

~ guest speakers 

~ photographer + we can make a beautiful keepsake book of your gathering


The possibilities are endless...


The New Moon - intention setting

The Full Moon - manifesting

Solstice & Equinox

The Seasons

Your birthday

Mothers and daughters

Sacred Teenagers

Sacred pregnancy

Sacred unions

Sacred menarche - celebrating our daughter's first menstruation

Sacred menopause - welcoming the wisdom years 


Standard two hour gatherings via Zoom are $350 or in-person in the LA area starting at $500 for up to 15 women/daughters.  Contact Staci to set up a consultation.


We hired Sacred Woman Retreats to lead a women’s retreat recently.  First, they have an amazing aesthetic and pay attention to details.  The space was set up so beautifully, and it created a magical feeling from the start.  They are also highly responsive and dedicated. Tia and Staci worked diligently with us to make sure the content fit our needs, and all the details were seamless. The program was flexible and was custom crafted for the theme of our event.  Everything was thoughtfully planned out and executed with ease.   And finally, the engagement in the group of women was incredible.  In fact I think we were all surprised at the depth of openness and connection we felt together, when a lot of women didn’t know each other before our retreat.  It takes an innate gift to bring together strangers and provide the framework and invitation to become soul sisters in a matter of hours.  Tia’s passion for being a creator of sacred space and uplifting women and girls is apparent in everything she does.    

~ Nicole A, Studio Flora, Seattle

I have been coming to Tia’s monthly Sacred Gatherings for a couple of years now.  It is a wonderful, supportive group of bright, strong, creative women. We come together as contemporary goddesses, gathering to acknowledge the sacred feminine and support each other in our daily endeavors and lifelong quests. Tia creates a magical, safe space for us to come together and she is incredibly knowledgeable and informative on the subjects of women’s divine nature and our connection to the moon and its energies.

~ Sara M, Los Angeles