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Detoxifying and Delicious – Green Smoothie


This is my go to morning drink, I’ve been making some version of it for many years for myself and the mister.

This recipe is a guide and I substitute ingredients all the time depending on what I have on hand, so don’t feel like you can’t make it if your short an ingredient or two. I add the chia and hemp for a little added protein and a lot of ginger because I like it. 

The detoxifying ingredients included are:

  • Turmeric supports the liver’s detoxification processes.

  • Brazil nuts are high in selenium, a nutrient essential to our body’s production of glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful internal antioxidant and liver protector. 

  • Cilantro, aside from being delicious is nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, and has detoxifying properties that protect and purify tissues. Very good for the kidneys.

Ingredients: ALL ORGANIC (it’s important NOT to use chemically grown ingredients, since that of course would defeat the purpose of detoxification, not to mention chemically grown produce isn’t as nutrient rich, but that’s a topic for another post:)


1 bunch dinosaur kale

½ to 1 cucumber

2 stalks celery

1 apple

1 banana

1” to 2” fresh ginger root

1” to 2” fresh turmeric root

4 brazil nuts

Hand full of cilantro

1 Tbs hemp seeds

1 Tbs chia seeds

*Juice of 1 lime

½ to 1 avocado (optional but makes it more creamy:)

1 to 2 cups filtered water


Instructions: Use a high powered blender, I use a Vitamix. 

Wash everything and start by chopping the kale into 2” chunks, add the kale to the blender, next add about 3 to 4 inches of water. Look at the side of the blender container as you add water.

Blend kale on low until roughly blended.

Next add all the other ingredients and blend on high until smooth. You may have to use the tamper but I find if I blend the kale first I don’t need it.

You may want to add a bit more water to get the consistency you like.


This recipe makes about 2 liters, great for multiple drinkers, and you can store what you don’t drink overnight in the fridge and drink the next morning. I use a large mason jar. Glass is much better than plastic which can leach and be a hormone disruptor.


*I use a citrus squeezer, which I can’t recommend enough. If you don’t already have one get one. I like this one.