Sacred Woman One-Day Retreat Series 

Welcome to a new way of retreating... We are so thrilled to announce a collaborative series of one-day retreats each offering a unique theme and experience with very special guest teachers and facilitators. Curated with the most soul-nourishing and supportive activities, these one-day events will help bring you back to yourself, to a place of free-flowing positive energy, to community, and an opportunity to focus on improving your health and happiness. 

All retreats include Sacred Woman Retreats signature circle, plant-based meals, yoga, meditation, breathwork, activities curated for each individual event, special gift bags, and all events will take place at a beautiful property in Topanga, CA.


The Art of Sacred Connection
October 23rd - 25th, 2020


Soul Nourishing Wellness 

OCTOBER 12 -17,  2019 

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 "Amazing!! The most incredible retreat I could ever imagine! I came to them in Tulum, México virtually alone, having only met Tia once, and was instantly wrapped in love and the magic that Tia, along with her partner Staci, created for us. The retreat delivered far beyond my wildest dreams and broke down every shred of fear I had imagined and replaced them with dreams, wisdom, peace and boundless love. I am so deeply grateful to have crossed this holy threshold with them. Every woman in our group left today with the same mystic amazements filled with healing, energy and richness of heart, spirit and soul! They thought of everything - and brought us so many gifts both tangible and eternal. Our yoga instructor is an Angel and a true Guru Goddess, the plant medicine healer shared her wisdom and her gifts. I am full of love and deeply honored to be forever transformed by this experience. I am so grateful I overcame my fear to join the Great Goddess’s circle."