Envisioning the New Year
Sacred Woman Retreats and Special Guest Liz Arch Invite you to a One-Day Retreat of Pure Magic
January 11th, 2020
10am - 5pm
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This extraordinary one-day retreat will include yoga with Liz Arch, sauna/pool, a nature walk, healing soundbath, sacred circle and releasing ceremony, guided breathwork to release trauma, and our magical planner and vision mapping process.


  • Yoga with Liz Arch

  • Sauna/pool, nature hike

  • Healing Soundbath 

  • Sacred circle and releasing ceremony

  • Guided breathwork to release trauma

  • Magical Planner and Vision Mapping process 

  • Light breakfast, full gourmet lunch, and happy hour with appetizers and conscious cocktails

  • Luxury gift bags valued at $100

We will be guided through a magical planning process that includes a series of techniques and rituals for unearthing our dreams to bring passion to our daily life. We will release what didn’t serve us in 2019, call in our intentions for 2020, select a word to support our vision for the new year and create a touchstone for our word as a memento to keep our words in mind. You will leave with clear written intentions, your own magical planning guide and a vision map to inspire you throughout 2020. We will also leave with a jam-packed goodie bag valued at $100.

All of this will take place at an incredible spot in Topanga known as The Lab at Commune


Nestled in a remote valley of the Santa Monica mountains, Commune is a laboratory for living and learning on 10 acres of meandering paths, oak trees, and organic gardens. It is a setting to slow down and shift your brain to long-wave thoughts.  The Lab is designed to foster deep levels of connection between people, face-to-face. Whether around the long dinner table or in the yoga studio, on the floor of the tea house or in the countless nooks and epic perches throughout the property, Commune Topanga is a place to do just that: commune. We commune with a higher spirit, we commune with nature, and, most importantly, we commune with each other.



$350 per person

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Limited spaces available

The Team

Tia & Staci, founders of Sacred Woman.

Go HERE to learn more about us.

Liz Arch is an international yoga teacher, martial artist, author, mom, and the creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic fusion of yoga and martial arts focused on empowerment and self-healing. She's the author of The Courage to Rise.

Dori Lancaster is a health and wellness expert who specializes in working with people to empower them in their wellness journey. She is trained in nutrition education, food psychology coaching, massage therapy, yoga, yoga therapy and Yomassage. 

March, 2020
A four-day mystical retreat in Joshua Tree

We are planning a special four-day retreat this Spring in the desert. The Mojave desert is a wild and mystical landscape that lends itself as a portal to our highest self. A place for dreaming and sacred connection.

Stay tuned for more details...

October, 2020
Sacred Woman International Retreat
Stay tuned for details!
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Past Retreats

 "Amazing!! The most incredible retreat I could ever imagine! I came to them in Tulum, México virtually alone, having only met Tia once, and was instantly wrapped in love and the magic that Tia, along with her partner Staci, created for us. The retreat delivered far beyond my wildest dreams and broke down every shred of fear I had imagined and replaced them with dreams, wisdom, peace and boundless love. I am so deeply grateful to have crossed this holy threshold with them. Every woman in our group left today with the same mystic amazements filled with healing, energy and richness of heart, spirit and soul! They thought of everything - and brought us so many gifts both tangible and eternal. Our yoga instructor is an Angel and a true Guru Goddess, the plant medicine healer shared her wisdom and her gifts. I am full of love and deeply honored to be forever transformed by this experience. I am so grateful I overcame my fear to join the Great Goddess’s circle."



Soul Nourishing Wellness 

OCTOBER 12 -17,  2019 

We’ve returned from our first international Sacred Woman Retreat in Tulum – and what pure magic it was! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting (Tulum is stunning with white sand beaches, crystal blue water!) and a more beautiful group of inspiring women to spend the week with. 

THANK YOU TIA AND STACI. This retreat was a game changer for all! I see it as a global movement for awakening the primal feminine within and connecting all us woman in an ancient circle of belonging together, for the benefit of our families and communities! It's the missing link you two are so brave to reawaken in every woman that is lucky and privileged enough to be there. I still feel so much more empowered and clear then before the retreat, my heart is full and wide open. Both of your energies are so generously loving, kind and nurturing! You truly have created a super sacred, healing and safe environment where deep, lasting transformation and connection to one another takes place for us all! I love you.  


awaken the wisdom of your Sovereign Self

MARCH 8-10, 2019 

I attended the Transformation retreat in Palm Springs.  Originally I wasn’t able to go because of conflicts, both real and imagined.  But some of the tangible conflicts fell away.  When this happened, I realized I actually needed to go.  So many times we as women put ourselves last, and I had been doing that for far too long, resulting in deteriorating physical health.  I attended the retreat as an intervention, a bold statement to finally put myself first.  From the moment I arrived, I stepped into another world.  A parallel universe where everything is beautiful, women are welcoming and sacred, the food is nourishing and kind, speaking and listening from the heart feels natural, conversations are authentic and inspiring, thoughts and ideas flow freely, and tears are nothing to apologize for.  It was like visiting another culture and immediately feeling at home.  If there is any chance you can let go of your real or imagined conflicts and attend a retreat with Sacred Woman, this would be the ultimate gift for yourself.  Tia and Staci are magical beings who intuitively create an unforgettable experience that ends up being just what you need to feel whole again.  


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