We believe that collectively women are craving meaningful, in person connections – the opportunity to step away from technology, daily routines and to-do lists to have nourishing experiences that feed our souls. We gather monthly to celebrate the full moon and other special occasions throughout the LA area and currently on Zoom. We also host corporate circles and monthly online gatherings for our global community to come together to share heartfelt connections. Our promise to our community is that you will leave any of our events feeling inspired, empowered and with meaningful, new friendships.

While every Sacred Woman Gathering follows a basic frame work, each gathering is unique. Tia guides intuitively from her heart, and the content is influenced by the season, the phase of the Moon, and what is appropriate at the time.

Some of the things we do:

~ releasing ceremony

~ intention setting

~ exploring oracle cards

~ sit in sacred circle; share, connect, listen, and be heard

~ heart opening cacao or tea ceremony

~ journey meditation with drumming sound bath 

~ guided journaling

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Full Frost Moon

November 30th, 2020


6:30 PM PDT

The November Full Moon is known as the Full Frost Moon and it signals a time of rest and introspection.


If we follow the cue of Mother Nature, that ancient all-knowing creative force, we intuit that now is the time to dig our roots deep into the rich soil and prune away what’s no longer needed. We honor the shorter days by storing up what we need for the dark months ahead and welcome a time of restoration. 

Sacred Women Gatherings are a place to be a part of a likeminded community, a sacred sisterhood. To be empowered, inspired and supported. We gather with open hearts and open minds, forge new friendships and strengthen old ones. We celebrate the feminine and step into the majesty and power that is our birth right as women through council, the backbone of our company, and through inspiring activities, ceremonies & rituals, meditation, sound bath and more. You will feel empowered and uplifted, we promise! 

We will sit in circle to explore the theme of this Full Moon, go on an inner journey through guided drumming meditation to shed the ego, and open to vulnerability and release what no longer serves our highest good with a fire ritual.

*We will gather outdoors in a covid-safe manner with masks and social distancing, which means space will be limited to ten women. Don't hesitate and save your spot by signing up at the link below.

To reserve you place Venmo @Sacred-Woman

Or sign up HERE


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"The first time I attended a Sacred Woman event I had recently navigated a pregnancy loss. No allopathic doctor told me how long I might expect the healing to take. One month passed, then two, then three. I was ready to be pregnant again and the disappearance of my cycle felt like an ongoing extension of my grief. In some ways the waiting was harder than the loss. When I arrived at the circle I immediately felt like I was in the presence of women who had walked the path before me. I felt seen, heard, held, and guided. The circle and cacao ceremony were magical and meditative. It felt like medicine for my body and soul. When we finally laid down for the sound bath I could feel myself trying “to do the work,” efforting rather than releasing. In that realization, I surrendered completely. I drifted off to a serene place and allowed the group and the sound vibrations to hold me. One week later, unbeknownst to me, I was pregnant again with a baby girl. If you’re in need of healing, if you desire connection, if you simply want a place to be with other women who are on the path, then I can not recommend attending a Sacred Woman event more!"

- Lauren Eckstrom

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